Why you should own more than one cat

Why you should own more than one cat

Tossing around the idea of adopting a second cat? Owning a cat is a wonderful experience, but owning more than one cat can amplify the joys and benefits. While the idea of adding another feline friend to your household might seem daunting, the advantages often outweigh the challenges.

Here’s why you should consider owning more than one cat:

Despite their independent nature, cats can benefit greatly from the companionship of another cat. In fact, some kitties may even WANT a feline companion. Having a playmate helps reduce loneliness, especially if you are away from home for extended periods. Cats that grow up or live together tend to form strong bonds, providing each other with social Club Cat | Why you should own more than one catinteraction, play, and comfort.

Two cats can keep each other entertained, reducing the likelihood of boredom and associated behavioral issues such as scratching furniture or excessive meowing. They will engage in play-fighting, chasing, and exploring together, which keeps them mentally and physically stimulated. This regular activity is crucial for their overall health and well-being.

When cats have each other for company, they are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety when their human is not around. This can lead to a more relaxed and content pet. Two cats can provide mutual comfort and reduce stress, leading to a calmer household overall.

Club Cat | Why you should own more than one catWho doesn’t love waking up to a cat on their face? Why not wake up to two cats walking all over you? Seriously, owning more than one cat means more opportunities for fun and affection. Each cat has a unique personality, and interacting with multiple cats can bring a variety of enjoyable experiences. Watching their different antics and behaviors can be endlessly entertaining. Plus, you get the added bonus of receiving affection from more than one furry friend.

By adopting more than one cat, you are doubling the number of lives you save. Shelters are often overburdened, and adopting multiple cats helps alleviate this pressure. Each adoption makes room for another cat in need, contributing to the larger goal of reducing the number of homeless animals. Nonprofit organizations like Catmosphere Laguna, one of Club Cat’s official partners, match kitties with cat parents.Club Cat | Why you should own more than one cat

If you decide to adopt a second cat, here are a few tips to ensure a safe, smooth transition:

Gradual Introduction

Introduce the cats slowly and deliberately. Start by keeping them in separate rooms and gradually allow them to interact under supervision.

Separate Resources

Initially, provide separate food bowls, litter boxes, and sleeping areas to prevent territorial disputes. Studies show that cats should each have their own litter boxes so consider continuing that practice.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward positive interactions with treats and praise to encourage friendly behavior.


Give your new and your existing kitty time to adjust. It may take a few days or even weeks for them to become comfortable with each other.

Well, what are you waiting for? Your next cat is waiting patiently for their new human!

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