Why Ferrets Are The Best Pets To Have

Why Ferrets Are The Best Pets To Have

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  1. Ferrets are good pets because they’re so CUTE!
  2. Ferrets are great pets to have because they’re SMART
  3. They’ll keep you laughing non-stop
  4. They’ll cuddle with you (if they’re in the mood!)
  5. Each ferret has a fun, unique personality
  6. They’ll improve your mental health
  7. You don’t need much space to keep them
  8. They’re pretty quiet
  9. Are ferrets good with dogs?
  10. Ferrets don’t smell TOO much
  11. Ferrets are the best pets because they live long
  12. The ferret community is wonderful
  13. Ferret shows are a thing
  14. Conclusion: How good are ferrets as pets?

Do you think ferrets might be the best pet to have? Or are they an absolute nightmare, set on wreaking havoc and destruction on your entire household and wallet? Maybe a little of both? Let’s find out!

In this blog, I’ll review ferret ownership’s biggest pros and cons. I’ll explain why ferrets are the best pets and also tell you the not-so-nice parts of caring for these furry beasts in part two of this series.

Just so you know I’m qualified; I’ve been a mom for 4 different  ferrets for the last 8 years. I’ve also included the experiences of ferret owners from around the country whom I interviewed as well as  recent feedback from the global ferret community of TheModernFerret.com

I’ll start with ‘why ferrets are the best pets,’ which is the fun part. I want to explain why these bizarre, unique creatures captivate so many people, just like Moose first did with me. 

After that, I’ll come back down to reality by discussing the authentic and important drawbacks to ferret ownership (there are a lot to consider!) Hopefully, by the end of this series, you will know whether to bring this pet into your home or not.

  1. Ferrets are good pets because they’re so CUTE!

The first pro I want to mention is how cute and funny ferrets are. I know most pets with fur can be described as cute (I have had hamsters, rats, dogs, cats, and hedgehogs), but I’d like to present a compilation of adorable ferret photos to plead my case that these animals may be objectively and scientifically classified as cuter than anything else on the planet. Look. At. Their. Squishy. Faces. I can’t.

  1. Ferrets are great pets to have because they’re SMART

The cool thing about ferrets is that they aren’t just a pretty face: Ferrets are incredibly intelligent! Their brains are exceptionally gifted in the art of problem-solving. And that means a ferret will treat your home like a giant puzzle or a choose-your-own-adventure palace every single day. If you give them enough to rummage through, pull apart, squeeze through, and jump on, your ferret can entertain themselves for hours. 

And if you are like me, you’ll gladly sit and watch as a very willing audience member. Just don’t be surprised if they try to get you involved too!

  1. They’ll keep you laughing non-stop 

Now… when you combine a cute animal with super-intelligence and then give them a ridiculous Dr. Seuss body to carry out numerous complex schemes, hilarity ensues. There is nothing they can do that won’t make you laugh. Everything ferrets do or try to do is funny. And their desperate determination makes it even funnier. Many consider ferrets “the clowns of the animal kingdom.”

When your ferret is done performing their latest, disjointed rendition of Rambo meets Oceans 11 meets Swan Lake in your living room, it will probably be pretty tired. After all, ferrets are known to sleep 15 to 18 hours per day, according to Ferrets for Dummies, so long deep naps are commonplace. 

And this leads us to our next pro.

  1. They’ll cuddle with you (if they’re in the mood!)

A lot of people ask me, ‘are ferrets friendly?’ Some ferrets can be very cuddly when they want to be. SOME. And I’ll touch on this point more in the cons. But if you do happen to develop a relationship with your ferret where they welcome a good cuddle ‘sesh’ every once in a while, it’s magical and, in my opinion, contains some healing powers.

My ferret Moose was a fantastic cuddler and a huge stress relief source. And as Albert gets older, he enjoys cuddling more and more. Newt, not so much, but that’s another story. 

  1. Each ferret has a fun, unique personality

Next, I want to talk about how varied the personalities of ferrets are. I’ve had other furry critters in the past, but none seemed to have such unique, differing characters as ferrets. 

For instance, Moose, my first ferret, was a big cuddler and extremely friendly and trusting of anyone. At the same time, he became very aggressive towards ferrets he didn’t know. Moose only had two loves in life -his straw hat and an old drain hair catcher for the shower. 

Newt, on the other hand, was a wild child. His mission was to escape whatever home or room he was in, even if it meant off the balcony. We didn’t find the need to ferret-proof a lot of our apartment until we got Newt. Newt loved to steal people’s food, which was dangerous. He also kept a very tight routine and often would put himself to bed, back in his cage, at the same time every night.

Albert’s personality is more like a yellow lab. He is always down for a good time and seems to find something to laugh at. He doesn’t love to cuddle as much as Moose, but he loves playing with us. Albert’s favorite toy is every toy ever created, ever. He has no discretion. 

The different personalities make it fun to figure out unique ways to make each of your ferrets happy. For Moose, that meant making time to cuddle on the couch together. For Newt, it meant leaving objects to climb on that we deemed safe; for Albert, it meant buying him 20 stuffed gorillas from the dollar store. 

  1. They’ll improve your mental health

Next, I’d like to briefly share some incredible stories from the community about the impact ferrets have made in their lives as one of my ‘pros.’ 

First, if you’re new to my blog, my name is Haley. I create entertaining and educational content about ferrets. If you’re enjoying this article, subscribe to our weekly Ferret Feature Newsletter to enjoy the memorable stories of the ferret owners in The Modern Ferret community.

In my opinion, and the opinion of several people I interviewed, ferrets can greatly boost mental health. I talked to a person who had PTSD, and they told me how their ferret was there for them when they woke up frequently in the middle of the night out of panic. Their ferret was always available for 15-30 minutes of silly, chaotic play time while this person tried to calm down. They found these interactions relaxing and distracting, so they had an easier time returning to sleep afterward. 

I talked with another person with a disabled son, and she mentioned what a great comfort his ferret provided him too.

Ferrets are highly social animals. And once you spend enough time with them, they won’t just tolerate you; they will love you like family.

When I interviewed around 30 ferret owners over the phone to deeply understand what was at the heart of their love for their ferrets- do you know what most of them said? It’s the bond. It’s the surprisingly deep bond you can form with these odd, hilarious creatures. And you truly understand it once you have one for yourself. 

A common question I often get is, “How do you bond with a ferret?” and “How do you get them to cuddle more?” So I made a video explaining how to bond with your ferret in your daily routine. Check it out!

  1. You don’t need much space to keep them

A more practical upside to ferrets is you need very little space to keep them healthy and happy. Unlike a big dog, ferrets don’t require a large backyard to run around in. A lot of ferret owners I know live in apartments. As long as your ferret is not confined to a cage for long periods and has access to a few safe, ferret-proofed rooms in your house, it should be pretty happy. 

I have a detailed series on how to ferret-proof your house, so check that out by clicking on the link! The video also has some helpful ferret-proofing products as well.

  1. They’re pretty quiet

Ferrets also don’t make as much noise as cats or dogs. They don’t bark or meow constantly. However, they scratch at a door if they want in, which can get annoying if they do it in the middle of the night.

The most common vocalization your ferret will probably make is an adorable one called ‘dooking,’ which means they have so much fun playing they can’t contain their joy. It’s like hearing little kids laughing. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, you’ll surely smile. 

Ferrets have a lot of fascinating behaviors.

  1. Are ferrets good with dogs?

This pro is a little touchy, so feel free to comment your own experience in the comment section.. but it SEEMS that ferrets can get along pretty well with other non-prey animals such as dogs and cats. If they are raised together since they were young, it works better. Of course, always use common sense and supervision. There is a long list of animals ferrets should NOT be housed with, which I will cover in the cons section later.

  1. Ferrets don’t smell TOO much

This pro is a bit controversial, but I’d like to say.. the smell is not as bad as most people think. If you clean their cage and litter box often enough and wash their bedding, it’s not terrible. Maybe I just have a lousy sense of smell? Or the way ferrets smell offends certain people and not others. You’ll have to decide for yourself what you think about this one. You can also check out my video: How to Reduce Ferret Smell.

All I know is, once someone came to my house for house maintenance. I warned him that he might see a ferret run across the room. He turned to me and said, “No way you have ferrets! I thought you could usually smell them!”

So yeah. No big deal. 

  1. Ferrets are the best pets because they live long

Ferrets can live if they don’t get sick. According to Ferrets for Dummies, ferrets can live up to 9 or 10 years of age but typically live closer in the 6 to 8 range. This means they are not a lifelong commitment like a tortoise or an African grey parrot, but they also have the potential to live long enough to create many special memories together. And It’s much longer than other small animals like hamsters and rats, which live 2 to 3 years.

  1. The ferret community is wonderful

Now I want to touch on the ‘culture’ of ferret ownership. Because this animal is less well-known and less popular than a dog or a cat, it attracts a unique person. Good ferret owners are special people who enjoy doing their research and going the extra mile for their pets. When ferret owners meet others out in the world, it’s always enjoyable because it’s like, ‘You get me! You understand my obsession!’

You can join excellent online communities to become a better ferret owner. Although some conversations can get a little heated, if you keep your eyes out, you CAN find more positive spaces to ask honest questions, learn, share differing opinions, and grow. Feel free to recommend some of your own in the comment section below.

Ferret meetups are also a thing. I had one in my backyard a while back, which I converted into a ferret-proof play space, and it was so fun to hang out with people I probably would’ve never otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Sometimes one fun, shared interest is all you need to make a lifelong friend!

  1. Ferret shows are a thing

And my last pro, which makes my heart happy… did you guys know there is such a thing as ferret shows? Just like dog shows? I dream of attending one someday, and I seriously can’t wait. 

Conclusion: How good are ferrets as pets?

These delightful creatures have much to add to our lives. Coming up with this list was so fun, remembering all the fun times I’ve had over the past 8 years with my three boys. My first ferret, Moose, will always hold a particularly special place in my heart because he demonstrated many of these pros so wonderfully during his lifetime. He changed the trajectory of my life by compelling me to start this channel! So yeah, ferrets are pretty incredible.

But it’s essential to come back to earth and learn about the harsher realities of ferret ownership that might make you realize that this pet is not the best choice for you. I dealt with many challenges which I will talk about in my next blog. Thanks so much for reading. I hope you learned something! And if this was weasily the best thing you’ve seen all day, make sure to follow our Instagram & Youtube for more fun ferret stuff. See you soon!

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