What fruits can a crested gecko eat?

What fruits can a crested gecko eat?

All gecko diets in captivity should be diverse and well-rounded as possible including but not limited to commercial diets, fresh fruits, live insects like dubia roaches, calcium supplement, multivitamins, and the occasional treat. Risk of metabolic bone disease can be all but eliminated if you are feeding a healthy varied diet like the one described above.

Gecko meal replacement powders will sometimes have an extensive list of dried and powdered fruits that are safe to feed your gecko. Crested geckos are omnivorous lizards that will eat both soft fruits and feeder insects like dubia roaches. Gravid females will especially appreciate the extra essential vitamins in gut loaded prey items. Many gecko owners get hung up on the proper diet for a healthy crested gecko but in reality it isn’t all that difficult.

Can crested geckos eat any fruit?

No, crested geckos cannot eat any fruit that you can find. In general it’s a good idea to stick to Mango, Pear, Banana, Grape, Fig, Apricot, Strawberry, and Watermelon. Citrus fruits are less ideal and require more preparation. Prickly pear can even be a good option if they grow where you live. Natural foods are always going to be best but if you want you can also blend these fruits together in a shallow dish and place it in your gecko’s enclosure – a fruit smoothie, if you will.

What human food can crested geckos eat?

Besides fruits it is not recommended that you feed any processed human foods to geckos. These foods are a healthy addition to a gecko’s balanced diet. You will have much better luck using the real fruit mentioned above. Human baby food can be an exception to this rule if you are able to confirm the ingredients in the mass-produced food. Look at the label and aim for foods with no additives – just fruit.

What fruits can geckos not eat?

We do not recommend feeding your gecko avocados, tomatoes, other night shades, or other untested fruits. It is best to stick to the list of fruits above. Talk to the place you bought your baby crested gecko from and find out what foods they were having success with. Some foods can have a low oxalic acid level or a high phosphorus ratio and these are not ideal qualities in gecko fruits.

What is a crested geckos favorite food?

Crested gecko diet can quickly become your gecko’s favorite food. That and a variety of insects are what most people use as dietary staples for crested geckos. The nutritional value between these two options provides a solid food source for your growing baby crested gecko. Feeder insects of different types may be offered to keep your gecko used to a variety of foods. In their natural habitat they will be eating whatever they come across but in captivity the most important thing you can do is to offer a varied diet with the recommend vitamins.

Can crested geckos eat yogurt?

Is it not recommended to feed your gecko yogurt or any other dairy or milk product. These processed foods are made specifically for human consumption and contain sugars, salts, and vitamins for humans only. A gecko meal replacement powder would be a better option than cow’s milk yogurt.

How often should crested geckos eat?

Crested geckos generally eat well on an every-other-day feeding cycle. Of course there is no One Best Way to do it and your gecko’s preferences may vary. Track what your gecko is eating and when so that you can determine which should become staple food vs an occasional treat. The overall health of your gecko will depend heavily on the staple diet offered to him.

When selecting food for your crested gecko to eat it is important to avoid new and untested foods. Do not experiment with your gecko’s diet. Use the tried and true foods listed in this article to feed your gecko the best diet possible. Leopard geckos and day geckos will require a separate list of foods. An important aspect of gecko-keeping is providing a healthy diet. Whether that’s safe fruits, commercial food, phoenix worms, or passion fruit, a varied healthy diet is a mandatory part of proper care for geckos. As always, you should provide a shallow dish with fresh water at all times for your gecko – no matter the species.

What fruits does your gecko like? Which do they not like? Leave a comment below with some of the foods you’ve tried!

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