What do they eat – Gary The Axolotl

What do they eat – Gary The Axolotl

Axolotls are carnivore, which means they only eat meat.

For Babies you want to start with baby brine shrimp, daphnea then blood worms as much as they want to eat.

When they are around 2 months you want to begin to give them dendrobaena worms or night crawlers twice a day, they will be way too long for them so chop them as small as the distance between your axolotl’s eyes.

In Gary’s case when he was a juvie, his main diet was Dendrobaena worms once a day, you can also give earth worms, night crawlers, black worms, there’s a lot in the menu for them.If the worms are too long so you want to chop them up pretending you’re Gordon Ramsey preparing good food for your axolotl.

As adults you can feed your axolotl every other day like 3-4 times a week with dendrobaena worms. 

Worms contains all the nutrients for them but not all worms are nutritious. Blood worms for example don’t have a lot of nutrients so they are only considered as a treat


You also have the dry food option (even though I really recommend live food).

I’m giving Gary Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets. I heard the Rangen pellets were good too but I live in the UK and they are mostly available in the US so I can’t vouch for it. You’ll have to import them if you want some.

You can also try Grub pie by Repashy. I only used Grub Pie but I warn you it stinks when you make it, your axolotl will love it though (Gary did at least). It’s a powdery mixture that you mix with boiling water. One part powder 2 part boiling water mix well and pour in a mold. It sets really quick so you must stir kind of fast. You can then keep it in the fridge for a week. They say two weeks but I wouldn’t eat something that stayed two weeks in my fridge so the same thing goes for Gary.



Now for treats you can give them blood worms or river shrimp (ghost or cherry shrimp) or fresh water prawns. Salmon is also a good treat but be careful to choose one with no salt added and not smoked, also always freeze it for at least 30 days to kill bacteria, then simply place a frozen piece in a cup with some tank water and let it defrost before giving it to your axolotl. Same process for frozen blood worms.





What not to give.

Any mammalian meat or poultry, they can’t digest it well. Same for meal worms, they can’t digest them.

In the end there is a lot of safe options available and as usual, I’m not risking anything when it comes to Gary’s health. If you have any doubt about something just don’t feed, better be safe than sorry.


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