Top 10 Marvelous Gifts For Cats

Top 10 Marvelous Gifts For Cats

‘Purrfect’ Picks for Cats and Their ‘Parents’

Finding the perfect ‘meowchandise’ for your cat or friends with cats can be ‘cat’astrophic if you don’t know what and where to look. The good news is there are good quality items from top brands that offer cat-themed gifts/items. To help you through the vast numbers available, we have compiled a delightful list of the top ten essential and ‘purrfect’ gifts for cats/cat lovers. With our experience in the realm, and drawing on suggestions and insights from cat parents and vets, here is a list of handpicked gifts. These will find favour with the ‘purrfectionists’ and their owners. Cats are known for their notorious independent nature, but they still need loads of love, care, stimulation, and exercise – our list of top ten cat gifts is guaranteed to please. Playful kittens, a ‘selective’ young cat, or an aloof but spoiled senior one, these top picks will surely appeal to them and their caring humans!

1. Cat Toys

Cat toys

Contrary to popular belief, cats love their humans, and interacting with their favourite person is something they prefer. This interaction heightens their social skills, and play makes cats healthier and more enthusiastic. The right cat toys enrich and enable your furry friends to remain active and engage in behaviours specific to their species. Toys that feel, smell, ‘move’, and look like their actual prey are the ones that would benefit your cat the most. Toys that move are preferred gifts for cats – stationary toys are boring for these bundles of furry energy. Active and regular play with your cat, using their favourite toys is the best way to catch their attention and sustain interest.

2. ‘Trees’ and Climbing Stacks

Cat trees and climbing poles offer a ‘catload’ of physical and mental exercise and energising. These play accessories afford stimulation through scratching, climbing, jumping, and exploring – preventing lethargy and boredom. Smart cat trees/scratchers provide elevated, safe, and quiet zones for your cat – they make excellent gifts for cats. These also prevent your cat from scratching/clawing furniture. Multi-tiered ‘trees’ allow multiple cats to play together, encouraging social interaction and acceptable behaviours.

3. Cat Litter

Cat litter

Cats love to preen and clean themselves – their appreciation for hygiene is unmatched in the animal world! Therefore, clean litter and boxes are necessary for their precious and clean fur and overall health. Choosing the right cat litter is essential – cats bury their waste in the litter, which is their instinct. This activity simplifies cleaning especially with several cat litter options available today. These options include clumping and non-clumping varieties made with materials that absorb odour and are relatively dust-free. Clumping litter binds due to the presence of bentonite, making cleaning and replacing a lot easier. These are cat gifts that will get you thanks from both cats and cat parents!

4. Cat Beds

Cat Beds

Cats love to nap – they sleep between 13-16 hours out of the 24 hours a day! Cat parents love to see them napping! They naturally move towards soft, cosy, and secure places – making cat beds and their correct placement, essential. The right cat bed would support the size, age, sleeping habits, and pertinent likings of your cat. You know your furry friend’s sleeping habits the best – do they prefer to stretch and prefer elevated spaces? Open-style beds/beddings and hammocks placed at a height would be their ideal nap zone. Cats that love to curl up or are anxious – a cushioned bed, with raised sides would be their ideal bed. A wide range of beds as cat gifts will show your feline how much you care. A well-rested kitty is a happy kitty!

5. Cat Treats

Cats love treats – in fact, they hardly ever refuse one – interacting with your feline companion by offering them a treat strengthens the bond and connection. Cat treats are not just much appreciated gifts for cats, but they are also a great way to teach and stimulate your cat. Additionally, they serve as a delicious and healthy reward for good behaviour you want to encourage. Treat dispensers and toys that hide treats are great for physical, dental, and intellectual elevation. Remember, however, that treats should constitute only about 5-10% of the calorific requirement of your cat and should be given sparingly. They are never a replacement for a balanced and nutritious diet.

6. Cat Collars and Accessories

Grace and charm – two words that fit with the style of cats! The right accessories and stylish but functional collars are just what your graceful companion deserves – cat gifts that match their swag! When choosing cat collars remember to buy well-crafted and good-quality ones. Collars should have breakaway buckles, which would snap when pulled if your precious cat gets entangled in something. Soft and comfortable material should be the next thing you look for, avoiding harsh materials that could hurt/bruise your cat’s neck. Ensure that the collar fits well – you should be able to slip in two fingers between your cat’s neck and the collar. Too tight would choke your cat, and too loose could get entangled. Name tags and collar bells must be soft and well-rounded – sharp or jagged edges could hurt your cat. If your cat loves to wander around, especially at night, a reflective collar made from soft and comfortable materials would be the ideal choice.

7. Grooming

This activity is possibly your cat’s favourite time with you. It is a time of bonding and caring, while also being an essential part of the overall health regime for your cat. Combing removes knots, dead skin, loose hair, and dust, while stimulating blood circulation. This is also a great time to check for allergies, infections, and parasites on your cat. The length of your cat’s fur would determine the number of times that you need to groom your cat – long-haired cats need combing and grooming every day. During shedding season, short-haired cats too need grooming at least bi-weekly. In addition to the health benefits – improved muscle tone, stimulation of skin oil production, and more – grooming should be a fun and happy experience, so choose good quality cat grooming products. These make for thoughtful gifts for cats and their parents!

8. Cat Food

Cats have specific nutritional requirements, especially since they are inherently carnivorous, and a well-balanced and nutritious carnivore diet is essential for their overall health. We highly recommend researching the best cat foods available and seeking advice from your veterinarian on the optimal diet for your cat. For instance, dietary protein provides significant amounts of energy for your cat, while organ tissues, meats, dairy products, bones, and legumes provide the required calcium content. Say ‘meow’ if you are ready for your next tasty meal!

9. Cat Bowls

Cat Bowls

‘Purrticular’ is what cats are for their food and water, and their bowls form the basis of their enjoyment of their food. Flat and wide bowls of good-quality materials are the best choice for your feline companion. Heavier bowls with a rubber base rim ensure the bowl does not move around while your hungry cat is enjoying their favourite meal. Cat bowls that are narrow and deep can affect your feline’s appetite since their whiskers flatten against their face making them anxious. Remember to keep cat food and water bowls in areas your cat prefers, and away from areas of too much human movement. Cat water fountains are fun too for your feline.

10. Cat Carriers

Cat carriers are indispensable during travel (mandatory for airplane trips) and for vet visits. These ensure a comfortable and safe way to transport your cat. A sturdy but comfortable carrier makes for a secure space for your cat, helping to reduce travel-related stress and unfamiliar surroundings. These usually come with a washable inner lining that provides a soft and comfortable environment. A good carrier should be about 1.5 times the size of your feline, ensuring that while your cat can move, it does not tumble around in the extra space while travelling. Rucksack carriers enable the cat parent to hold close, their precious feline – and it’s so easy to carry. Remember to place your cat’s favourite toy in the carrier – this provides a distraction and comfort for your beloved whiskered companion.

In Conclusion

With our curated list finding the ‘purrfect’ cat gifts has never been easier. The range of gifts for cats ensures that your furry friends have all-time access to entertainment, nutrition, treats, napping, and fresh drinking water. Even the most discerning and picky kitties will appreciate these. Treat your feline companion with these cat gifts and strengthen your bond with your beloved pet. Your cat’s happiness and energy will bring a ‘cheshire’ grin to your face!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to get a cat that has everything?

A cosy heated cat bed can be the perfect gift for a cat with everything, but you still want to pamper them.

2. What do cats love the most?

Cats love interactive play sessions with their owners the most, even though the misconception is that they are aloof and prefer to be alone.

3. How can I surprise my cat?

Surprise your cat with a new climbing tree or scratching post, and some new treats.

4. What toys can I get my cat?

Interactive and moving toys – feather wands, laser pointers, and toys shaped like creatures they would prey on – are great options for your cat.

5. What makes cats happy?

Cats are happiest when they have plenty of attention, playtime, cosy spots to nap, and a clean litter box.

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