The Best Chinchilla Cages in 2023, Ranked and Reviewed

The Best Chinchilla Cages in 2023, Ranked and Reviewed

The Best Chinchilla Cages in 2023


Pet chinchillas can bring joy and warmth to their owners. But, if you want your pet friend to be happy and healthy, you have to provide the right kind of home. The best chinchilla cage needs to be spacious, well-made, and long-lasting. If it isn’t quite right, the little fluffballs might get bored, stressed, or even develop serious health issues.

So, if you’re wondering what cage is best for a chinchilla, this guide is here to help. There are plenty of cages on the market, but some are much better than others in terms of meeting the needs of these charming critters. Below, we’ll highlight some of the very best chinchilla housing options on the market, evaluating key factors like size, material, and design.

The Best Chinchilla Cages

If you’re planning to keep chinchillas as pets, you have to invest in an excellent chinchilla enclosure. Finding the right one can be a challenge, but we’ve done the hard work for you, seeking out four of the best chinchilla cage options available today.

Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansion

Quality Cage Chinchilla mansion

Kicking off the list, we have this genuine luxury chinchilla cage from Quality Cage. As the name suggests, the Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansion aims to offer mansion-like living for your pets. And the first thing to note about this cage is its massive size!

Measuring up at a whopping 30″ x 24″ x 48″, this cage offers lots of interior room to keep chinchillas from feeling cooped up. It provides the vertical space that chinchillas need to thrive, with four movable wooden shelves you can position around to let your fuzzy friend jump and climb.

Not only does it provide plenty of space, but the Chinchilla Mansion is also built to last. It’s made of chew-proof wire, so there’s no risk of any little fluffy escape artists breaking out. Plus, this cage is handcrafted to the highest safety standards, minimizing the risks of any accidents and trips to the chinchilla vet.

You also get a hay feeder included with this cage, perfect for providing your pets with the healthy hay they need for their diet. And the whole cage is a breeze to clean, with an easy pull-out tray to save you a ton of time on those weekly cleanup sessions.


  • The best size cage for chinchilla
  • Top-quality materials and durable construction
  • Very easy to clean


  • Shipping can be a little slow as the cage is handmade

MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation

MidWest Homes

Next up, we have the MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage. This one measures 36″ x 24″ x 63″. It’s a very tall cage but may be slightly on the narrow side if you want to have two or more chinchillas inside. However, what it lacks in width, it makes up for in height.

Providing plenty of vertical space, this cage comes fitted with several adjustable platforms, pans, and plastic ramps that the pet chinchillas can use to climb up or down safely. The plastic tray pans are leak-proof for easy maintenance, and the layout has been carefully designed to prevent falls and injuries.

There’s plenty of space to position food bowls and a water bottle around this multi-level cage, and the horizontal wire bars provide opportunities to climb around. There’s also a handy little storage shelf underneath where you could store essential supplies like chinchilla food or treats like goji berries.

It’s also worth noting that this entire cage is built on four caster wheels, so you can roll it around from room to room as needed. That really helps when it’s time to clean up, and the handy full-width double doors also help with cleaning or filling the food dish.


  • Lots of vertical spaces and handy plastic ramps
  • Very safe design to prevent injuries
  • Highly portable cage


  • A little too narrow for multiple chinchillas
  • The wire bars are very close together

Yaheetech 3-Level Animal Cage


The Yaheetech 3-Level Animal Cage is an excellent contender for the title of the best chinchilla cage, specifically because it’s an excellent choice for a novice. Measuring 30″ x 18″ x 69″, this cage provides sufficient space for play and lots of verticality. It does a good job of nurturing chinchilla’s natural climbing habits.

It comes with two platforms and ladders, making it easy for the chinchillas to climb about. There are also various other toys and accessories included with this cage, like wooden dowels and a rope boing — while these items may be best suited for birds, chinchillas can have fun nibbling on them. Just make sure the wood is not toxic for chinchillas.

You’ll also find no less than eight little feeder cups dotted across this animal cage. You can fill the cups with hay or a little chinchilla treat. The whole wire cage is made of strong wrought iron, so it should last a lifetime, providing great value for money.

This animal cage also comes with an easy-to-clean slide-out tray for your convenience, along with lockable wheel casters to move it around. Plus, the whole thing is straightforward to assemble, with all the parts, tools, and handy instructions you need to get a luxury chinchilla cage.


  • Plenty of vertical space for chinchillas to climb
  • Comes with lots of fun accessories
  • Very easy to put together


  • Vertical wire mesh is hard for chinchillas to climb
  • Quite a small chinchilla cage

Prevue Hendryx Cage

Prevue Hendryx Cage

The Prevue Hendryx Cage is another option that has received plenty of positive reviews from chinchilla owners. This animal cage measures 31″ x 20.5″ x 40″. It provides sufficient space for chinchillas to jump around and exercise on a daily basis without getting bored.

You’ll also get two movable platforms with this metal cage model, along with a pair of ramps to connect them. This should help to minimize the risk of any dangerous falls, while also giving the animals a chance to climb, move around, and not feel restricted to just one level or area.

With its solid construction, this metal mesh cage is an ideal option for pet owners looking for value and longevity. Its ease of cleaning is also worth a mention — it comes with a removable bottom tray. You can pull out the base tray, clear away waste and mess, and then slide it back in.

Safety is also a part of this high-quality cage design — it has a wind-bell lock that helps to prevent pets from escaping, while still giving you easy access if you need to move the ramps around or replace bedding. To top it all off, many users note that this metal chinchilla cage is also really easy to set up.


  • A good amount of interior cage space
  • Great value for money
  • Practical design and sturdy construction


  • Vertical bars aren’t the best for chinchilla climbing
  • No extra shelves or accessories included

PawHut 4-Tier Chinchilla Cage

PawHut 4-Tier Chinchilla Cage

The final chinchilla habitat cage on this list is the PawHut 4-Tier Chinchilla Cage. This one comes with no less than four levels of space for chinchillas to explore, measuring 20.5″ x 20.5″ x 44.75″. There are three plastic platforms included too, along with plastic ramps.

Part of what makes this cage such a good choice is the brand itself. PawHut has earned a reputation as one of the highest-quality cage crafters around. This brand is committed to creating the perfect cage for every pet, and its love of animals shines through in the design.

Not only will you find several platforms and broad ramps included with this cage, but also a cozy hammock at the top, giving your pets a place to nap. There are lockable casters on the base for portability, and strong steel wires making up the cage walls, helping with ventilation and comfort.

This complete cage setup is also easy for owners to work with. It’s got extra-large doors for easy access to your pets and their food bowls. Plus, the removable tray at the base is super simple to clean. You can also fill the tray with chinchilla dust and use it for dust baths, or add fleece liners to provide a cozy, soft space for your furry friends to relax.


  • A fantastic cage for chinchillas to explore
  • Large base for bedding and baths
  • Comes with a cozy hammock


Understanding Your Chinchilla’s Needs

Before you buy a chinchilla or start looking for chinchillas near me, it’s worth taking some time to research and understand these animals. Some people buy chinchillas assuming they’re just like gerbils or guinea pigs. But they’re very unique creatures, with their own specific needs that have to be met to keep them happy and safe.

Close up photo of chinchilla

In the wild, they live in the Andes Mountains of South America. They tend to spend their days resting and hiding from predators in little cracks and dens. Then, when night falls, they set out exploring and foraging for food, like bark and plants, and using their strong hind legs to jump and climb around the rocky terrain.

So, while they may seem a little sleepy during the day, these are very active animals. Therefore, they need homes that can meet their needs. That’s why the best chinchilla cages tend to be quite big and especially tall, giving them space to move around. The large cages can make the overall chinchilla cost quite high, but these adorable, sociable creatures are sure to pay you back with cuddles and fun times.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Chinchilla Cage

Whether you’re buying a pre-made design or considering custom chinchilla cages, there are several key factors you have to take into account. Here are the most important things to focus on when picking out the perfect home for your new pets.

Size and Space

Arguably the most important aspect of any chinchilla cage is its size. As stated above, chinchillas need space. In fact, there have even been studies to show how important space is for these creatures, and those housed in larger cages tend to be healthier, happier, and less prone to harmful or negative behaviors, like fur-chewing.

The absolute minimum size for a chinchilla cage is around 3′ x 2′ x 2′. But, if you can, it’s best to aim even bigger than that. If you plan on having two, three, or more chinchillas, you’ll definitely need extra room so that they don’t fight or feel cramped.

Vertical space is particularly important when picking out a chinchilla cage. These creatures love to jump and climb, so they’ll appreciate cages with several levels or tiers. The best models tend to have adjustable shelves, ramps, and ladders to facilitate climbing.

Little areas to hide in are also a key part of chinchilla cages. This is especially true if you have other animals in the house. Chinchillas and cats, for example, don’t always live well together, as the chinchillas can get scared and will need hideout areas to feel safe.

Chinchilla on a cage

Material and Durability

Chinchilla cages can be made from a range of materials, like wood, plastic, and metal. If you’re wondering about the best wood for chinchilla cage designs, kiln-dried pine tends to be the safest option. Keep in mind that chinchillas are allergic to some pine species if the wood is not kiln-treated. However, the best cages tend to have mostly metal construction, with strong metal bars to prevent any escapes.

A correct cage should be sturdy, well-made, and with chew-proof, non-toxic materials throughout. Chinchillas love to nibble and gnaw on things, so you need to make sure that the cage can withstand that. For that reason, it’s best to avoid plastic, as chinchillas can gradually bite holes in it. Metal cages will last a lot longer.


Chinchillas have very thick fur that helps them survive in cold, mountainous regions in the wild. So, when it comes to picking and equipping a chinchilla cage, you have to take temperature and ventilation into account. Ideally, you’ll want to provide a consistent temperature between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature gets too high, there’s a big risk of overheating. Overheating is a serious health risk for chinchillas. So, living in a place that is too hot can lower a chinchilla’s lifespan. At the same time, these critters aren’t built for freezing cold temperatures either. So, in the coldest areas, a heat lamp may be needed.

Along with a steady, mild temperature, good airflow can also help to keep chinchillas healthy. That’s one of the reasons why they typically have cages with bars or wire mesh, rather than plastic or glass walls. Try to find a cage that promotes good airflow, and make sure to place it in the right area of your home, away from windows, drafts, vents, or radiators.


Of course, you’ll need to access the chinchilla’s cage from time to time to top up their food, provide clean water, add new cage items, and clean it. It’s therefore important to look at the doors and entryways to the cage and see how easy they are to use.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a cage that has large, wide doors that lock from the outside. This allows you to easily access the interior, move items like adjustable ramps around, add new chinchilla bedding, and so on. Detachable sections or base trays are also useful for speeding and simplifying the cleaning process.

Chinchilla on a small wooden ledge


Don’t forget to consider the health and safety of your furry friend, too. Cheap cages can have health hazards, like sharp edges or little gaps between the bars that are too tight for chinchillas to fit their paws through.

Some are even made with toxic materials or paints that could poison the chinchilla. Opt for quality products from trusted brands to keep your chinchilla safe. Try to find a cage with around one inch of space between the bars, along with good door locks to prevent escapes and falls.

Ready to Upgrade Your Chinchilla’s Home?

The best chinchilla cage can make any chinchilla’s life a whole lot happier. So, if you want to give your pets the best, it might be time for an upgrade. Look for a cage that is spacious, durable, and safe, and don’t settle for second best. Check out the top quality chinchilla supplies of Quality Cage today to give your chinchillas the happiest home.


What is the best enclosure for a chinchilla?

Overall, the Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansion can be the best chinchilla cage for the majority of pet parents. It has the spacious design, durable build, and easy-to-use layout that chinchillas and their owners need.

What is a good size cage for 2 chinchillas?

As a minimum, a chinchilla cage should be around 3′ x 2′ x 2′. Ideally, it’s best to aim even bigger, if you have the budget and floor space to do so. Chinchillas always benefit from having some extra room to move around in, especially when there are several of them in the same cage.

What should you not put in a chinchilla cage?

Avoid any harmful bedding materials that could pose a health risk to your furry friend, like cedar, scented bedding, sandalwood, or corncob bedding. Also, avoid putting any items in that could hurt your chinchilla, like sharp items or items with little plastic parts that could be a choking hazard. 

Can a chinchilla cage be too big?

No, it’s not really possible for chinchillas to have too much room. However, bigger changes can be more of a challenge to clean, and you need to find ways to fill up the space and make it engaging and enriching, rather than simply leaving large, empty areas.


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