Some favorite Blog photos of 2020

Some favorite Blog photos of 2020

2020 was quite the year. Loads to reflect about. It was very interesting to reflect on 2020 by reading every blog post. Below are some of my favorite photos.

January 2020 was when our wolf physicals occurred, and we transferred 8 of our wolf family. The banner photo above shows Carolina Wildlife filled with wolf crates! All the posts in this series have meaning, but the photo below of all the people it took to get the wolves caught-up and moved brings me back to the amazing team work and planning.

I get a huge smile seeing our wolves in the pool.

At times, I had even heard them splashing in the pool before I caught sight of them.

I have LOVED watching Duckie, our newest bearded dragon, eat!  She actually eats greens!

Hi Duckie. Thanks for eating!

In April as we welcomed “the new normal”. The photo of the team eating lunch with the donkey when no one else was on grounds brings me joy (and a little sadness too if I were being honest).

Janine, Shayna, Rob and Lightning. (and Mary’s lunch)

Smiles, again, after seeing how different the alpacas look after shearing.

I like to think the girls feel MUCH better after shearing.

Loads and loads of gifts were sent to us over the year from our wish list. I love this photo of the goats eating treats donated to us (well, them).

It’s all 4 goats! I have always wondered if Gypsy (bottom right, under Charlie) ever got any treats that day?

And who doesn’t smile at a red wolf pup photos, especially a fostered red wolf pup!

the two biological pups and fostered pup growing and doing great together.

These few photos totally make me chuckle

One of my daughter’s covid activities in the spring was to walk up Ellerbe Creek and gather golf balls (180)
I love getting prescriptions for the animals with my last name. Dallas, Lightning, and Virginia are all part of the Samuels family.
Cleaning the bear pools is one of the most daunting tasks we do. The amount of algae build up is impressive. I often make designs as I pressure wash, but have never signed my work.

While not humorous, this picture of the chairs set up in the parking deck for us to have our meetings brings up some emotions as well.


Pig physicals, especially when the sling is used, is something to watch:


I kinda keep staring at this picture from Christmas. I know Retro has four legs, but I find this amusing.

Three-legged Retro on the left

And, even the second picture I took of the alpacas on Christmas shows her with limited legs:

Even in this photo you cannot see Retros back left leg?!?


Much more to come in 2021.




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