Rescued a beardie and I need help

Rescued a beardie and I need help

Hi there. I am completely new to beardies but agreed to take a sweet 7 year old girl named Gruncher who was not getting proper care. The previous owner got her from PetSmart, didn’t get the right information, and didn’t do any research of his own. He thought Gruncher had died.

On day one (about a week ago) we took her to an exotic pet hospital. She has MBD, burns on her belly from a heat rock, a fractured hand and tail, and underweight. They gave her a bath, did a DNA microbe panel, prescribed critical care for nutrition, an anti inflammatory, and two antibiotics. They gave me a lot of guidance and paperwork to pore through as well. However, I sadly am still learning, and even though I gave her half the critical care recommended, I was not going slowly enough for her to consume what I syringed in her mouth. By day five she was throwing up, drooling out food, and turned very pale. I am sick about adding to her already unbearable pain. We got her back in to the vet a couple days later for subcutaneous fluids and a shot of Cerenia for nausea as it continued for a couple days. After the last vet visit, she drank water during her bath and threw it up afterwards despite the Cerenia. I have since made the bath high enough to cover her vent but without her head being in the water. The microbe test came back and we are now doing different antibiotics. She does NOT have yellow fungus which was suspected but she does have a few different bacterial infections.

Since the fluids/Cerenia, she’s been hardly able to move. She is opening her eyes though. A lot more. Especially when I play her music and talk to her. The first time I played her music she got really excited and crawled over and tried to get to it. It was the sweetest thing. I think it’s giving her hope and encouragement.

Here’s my questions….

I DO NOT want to make the same mistakes as I did before. I do not want her to aspirate. When I gave her the medicine yesterday, she swallowed the anti inflammatory but not the Umbrellin. Because of that, I didn’t try the second antibiotic prescribed. Do I give her the medicine anyway? I held her and talked to her and rubbed her head and tickled under her chin, but she didn’t swallow and was barely awake.

Today I took her out to try feeding her as it’s been since Monday (now Saturday) since she’s eaten and hasn’t thrown up in 24 hours. When I took her out she got really pale again. I gave her a quick bath and put her back under the basking light and her color got better.

Do I try to feed her? (I was only planning to try a 1/2 ml.) Or do I just keep giving her baths for hydration and wait until she’s more alert and moving?

I don’t see signs of aspirating now but she may have been before. I know I really need to get these antibiotics into her but don’t want to cause her more distress.

Please please help. I know I’m a newbie but I love her so much and want to do everything I can to get her in a better spot.

Thank you! 🙏🏻

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