Pot Bellied Pigs Blog: Vomiting Pig

Pot Bellied Pigs Blog: Vomiting Pig

your pig has ever thrown up, you know it! The smell is something you
will never forget. Thankfully, most cases of a vomiting pig can be taken
care of at home.

the vomit and look for anything foreign; plant material, plastic, dog
food, carpet, etc. to get an idea as to why your pig might have thrown
up. It is not always going to be obvious.

Your pig might vomit for a number of reasons:

Eating or drinking too fast
Obstruction from constipation
Eating something they shouldn’t
Car sickness

Lil Bit sticking his tongue out

most cases a pig will vomit once maybe twice and all is good. Should
your pig continue to vomit CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY!

For the pig that has thrown up you want to let the tummy rest. DO NOT give any food or water right away. They should not receive any food for 24
hours. You can offer small amounts (1/4-1/2 cup) of water (room
temperature) every 3-4 hours. If they hold down the water you can begin
to offer small amounts of bland food (boiled rice, applesauce) or soft pig chow with NO extras. Wait 4 hours before offering more.
Continue with the small amounts. As long as there is no vomiting
increase the amount over the next couple of days.

If your pig vomits any food or water when reintroduced, you should have your pig examined by a veterinarian immediately.

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