Pot Bellied Pigs Blog: The Last Hoorah

Pot Bellied Pigs Blog: The Last Hoorah

 This is for that day, hopefully in the distant future, when you might have to make one of the hardest choices out there. Of the 10 pigs that I have lost over the years I’ve only had to make the decision 3 times to help them go to the Rainbow Bridge. The first time was 10 years ago and the most recent was just a few weeks ago. Making that decision was still just as hard as it was the first time. I do not make this decision lightly and this last time ended up changing my mind, only to end up calling the vet back out a week later. Each time I’ve been right there with them till their last breath loving on them and talking to them. This is a decision that only you can make…no one else.

When the time comes and you are preparing for your pet pig’s euthanasia, it is important to choose a veterinarian who has experience working with our pet pigs and who is familiar with the proper sedation protocol for pigs. They are different from dogs and cats and it’s important to know the difference in order to provide a peaceful passing.

Having a pig for a pet you know that doing procedures on them can be a challenge. So, a peaceful euthanasia for our pet pigs means proper sedation with little to know stress. If the pig is down this normally isn’t too much of a problem. For others you may be asked to help restrain them. It is important to be prepared on how to restrain your pig with the least amount of stress. A sorting board is recommended and he should be in an area where he can easily be cornered or pushed up against a wall. Once he is in position it will be safe for the vet to administer the first injection.

You want the vet to put your pig to sleep first before giving the pheno barb (Euthasol) solution. The formula used back in the 90’s, yes the 90’s was Rompan & Telazol (see below). My current vet just uses Telazol and my previous vet used a combination of (ketamine/xylazine/telazol) to put my pig to sleep before giving the Euthasol. The important thing is that the pig be completely asleep for the Euthasol. The injection of the Euthasol is given what is called Intracardiac. Intracardiac injections are injections that are given directly into the heart muscles or ventricles. This method is unacceptable and cruel if not done properly. When the pet is properly sedated, it is a painless and peaceful way of passing.

The Last Hoorah:
by Phyllis Battoe (Originally presented March 1998)

that time that we never want to think about but is as much a part of
life as anything else. What is the most humane way of putting a pig
down? The less stress the better for all concerned.

this time comes (and only you can decide this very personal issue) the
thing we all want most for our porcine friends is to have them go
peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge.

use a formula here to put the pig to sleep (see end of article for
formula) and after the pig is asleep we use the jugular, the same place
most of you use for blood testing, and administer the pheno barb

pig is already asleep and this can be done easily. Needless to say that
you need not be as careful with the dosage of the first injection of
Telazol and Rompan when it is used for this purpose.

only bring this unwanted subject up because there are people I here
from all the time telling horror stories of what has happened. There
have been many cases of giving the pig the injection directly into the
heart without the pig being asleep first.

this method is fast, I have trouble going along with it if there is a
way to do it that I feel is more humane. This is something that you need
to discuss with your vet before the time comes when you may not be
thinking as clearly.

last note here would be to ask you to stay with your friend until it is
over. A hard thing to do for us but a good thing for the pet that has
given so much to us.

thirty-five years there has never been an animal here that went to the
final sleep without the touch of many hands on their heads and the sound
of my voice in their ear.

A hard thing for us to do but so little compared to what they have given in the short time we are allowed to have them with us.

Rough Formula:
For Larger Pets (50+ pounds)
1cc for every 50 pounds of body weight of Telazol
1cc for every 100 pounds of body weight of Rompan

Put both drugs in the same syringe and give in the neck muscle. Wait five minutes, pig will go down and be asleep.

More Detailed Formula:
For Smaller Pets (40-50 pounds)
2 mg for every pound of body weight of Telazol
1 mg for every pound of body weight of Rompan

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