My Captive Bred Hermit Crabs – All Things Crabby

My Captive Bred Hermit Crabs – All Things Crabby

I have to apologize for neglecting to share my adorable captive bred baby hermit crabs: Wall-E and Eve! I’ve been busy working in the hermit crab community, promoting Land Hermit Crab Owners Society, The Crab Street Journal and Crab Con and neglecting my own little crabby blog. So here’s a photo dump of my babies!

Wall-E and Eve hatched in October 2018, Lockport NY at the home of Mary Akers, founder of Hermit House, Crab Con and VP of LHCOS. I adopted them in July 2019 at the first ever Crab Con.

2019 and most of 2020 they lived in a small nursery tank but really did not grow any larger. In 2020 I decided to move them into my 75 gallon tank to live with my Coenobita rugosus. While I rarely see them now, when I do catch them I can see they are growing and really are no longer ‘babies’. <3

To learn more about Mary Akers and captive breeding hermit crabs, visit her website.

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