Kiss Chinchillas and US Angoras Become Royal Chinchillas

Kiss Chinchillas and US Angoras Become Royal Chinchillas

The brands you rely on for healthy, happy chinchillas and information on how to care for your beloved pets have merged to become one brand! Royal Chinchillas was born from the combination of Kiss Chinchillas and US Angoras. The two herds have combined to create a brand dedicated to producing healthy, beautiful short and long-haired chins.

Royal Chinchillas Offers Happy, Healthy Chins

Both Kiss Chinchillas and US Angoras have provided families with happy, healthy chinchillas – under one roof, they will continue to work to create a herd of the perfect pets.

US Angoras had a CCCU Angora herd composed of CCCU Royal Persian Angoras. These long-haired chins are the original angora chinchillas, from which all other angoras around the world are descended. Another type of chin available from the CCCU Angora herd is the CCCU Royal Imperial Angoras. These chins are produced by crossing the CCCU Angoras with the Locken; their fur varies from a tight curl to a flowing wave.

Like US Angoras, Kiss Chinchillas focused on creating healthy animals with great temperaments, the perfect companions for any chinnie fan. Kiss Chinchillas specialized in Black Velvet, Violet, White, Beige, and Standard Chinchillas.

Now with the two brands combined as Royal Chinchillas, the team can better serve pet owners in helping them find their perfect companion and care for them for years to come.

Explore available chinchillas from Royal Chinchillas, or discover resources on taking care of your chins.

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