institutionalization & my bearded dragon

institutionalization & my bearded dragon

Hey guys,
So I have a problem with the medication I’m on & I can’t take it anymore.
I have medical problems from the medications they put me on.
I need to see a lawyer/doctor for the gynecomastia the antipsychotic medications cause.

My air-conditioning unit is old and it stays on in the apartment.
You have to manually turn it on and off
How would someone watch my bearded dragon when they have to work.?

If I end up institutionalized against my free will, what can I do about my bearded dragon.?
There are not many people in my family who can spend time at my house for very long and I don’t wanna get institutionalized.

I don’t know why the system had forced me to take medication for so long.
There’s no shame at this point. I can tell people online that I need help with my bearded dragon because of the damage medications have caused me.
I need to see a doctor for the damage the medications have caused.

How would you guys go about having the dragon watched.?

Sometimes institutionalization is 90 days for suicidal ideations and they kind of lie to get people locked up longer.
I’ve tried to tell the hospital I had something/someone on the outside and they had kept me locked up.

I’m also seeking surgery for the Gynecomastia. Possibly ‘cool sculpting’ for my chest if anyone has any ideas.
Thanks for supporting me. If you guys can answer my question.

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