Guide On How To Find A Missing Ferret

Guide On How To Find A Missing Ferret

Do you know what to do if you have a “lost ferret” situation?

What do you have to do and how to find a missing ferret?

A missing ferret is one of the worst fears a ferret owner can experience, just below “the sick ferret” situation. No matter how good you ferret proofed your home, how much you supervise your fuzzy, there is always a chance for your ferret to escape. One accidentally opened window/door is enough for a ferret to go on an adventure and for the ferret owner to think: ” Oh no, I lost my ferret!”. That is why you want to be prepared and know what is good to do in a”my ferret escaped outside” situation.

How To Find A Missing Ferret?

The first thing you need to do is stay calm. Don’t panic because it is hard to think clearly while panicking. Before you start looking for a ferret, you have to determine the first few steps so you can decide where you should start looking for your fuzzy. Ask your family members, neighbors, and friend if they can help you search so you can cover more grounds simultaneously.

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So, let’s take a look at options you should check first. You have to search inside your home and outside of it. If you gathered help, separate them into two teams, one group should look inside while the other should look outside. Since you know your ferret best, it is best that you explain to both teams where to look and explore both options if you can.

How To Find A Lost Ferret In Your House?

Before you go out, you should double-check your home. There is always a chance that you will find the lost ferret in house. Start with usual sleeping places inside and outside of the cage. That can be a sock drawer, cat bed, in the closet, etc. Once you covered the usual places, move on to the unusual places, like kitchen drawers, laundry piles, etc. If you ferret-proofed your home, make sure every obstacle is without damage. Go into every room in the house, no matter whether a ferret can enter or not. If your ferret could go outside, then he could also enter a forbidden room too. 

how to find a lost ferret in your house

Once you covered every inch of your home, there is one other option you can do. Try to call your ferret. Use a toy or a box of treats for that. Shake the treats or toy and start calling your ferret. There is a big chance that your ferret will hear that and come for the treats or the toy. Try that for a couple of minutes, if it doesn’t work, then your lost ferret is probably outside.

How To Find A Lost Ferret Outside?

The outside is a bit trickier, but nothing you can’t handle. The first thing you have to do is separate the outside in zones. The first zone is your backyard (if you have one) and the surroundings of your home. If your ferret isn’t used to staying outside, he will probably stick near the building than in the opened area. So, walk around the building, look for any holes, bushes, high grass, basement windows, anywhere a small animal like ferret could crawl into. If your home has a basement, garage, shed, or any other secondary building it is a smart idea to check there too.

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Your next step is to expand the searching area into neighborhood houses, you can even ask your neighbors if they saw a lost ferret. It is a good idea to show them the picture of the ferret because some might not know what a ferret is. You can even ask them to look in their garages and sheds, especially if they have opened doors or windows. Your ferret will look for a small and dark place because that place will provide him with safety and comfort.

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If you are taking your ferret on walks, you can follow your route because a ferret might stick to the familiar surroundings. So, try to remember every route you took during several walks and go through them carefully. If there is a spot your ferret stuck around more than usual (showed more interest), double-check that spot. That can be a bush, a tree, etc.

Lure Your Ferret Back

There is a chance that your ferret will come back when you are running around the neighborhood so it is a smart move to place something for him near your home. That can be a transporter with a used hammock or a blanket. It has to be used because it has to have a ferret smell on it. That can actually help your ferret find his way home. You can also fill the transporter with food or your ferret’s favorite treats, their smell can also be of use.

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The biggest problem with this option is that the treats can also attract cats, raccoons, and other wild animals. So, to prevent those bigger animals from entering the transporter, make sure you leave an entrance only for your ferret. That means you can make a door (for example cardboard door) with a small opening only a ferret can go through.

Should You Post Lost Ferret Notices?

Absolutely! If you haven’t found your ferret in a few hours, you can definitely make lost ferret notices and post them around your neighborhood. The notice should have a ferret’s picture, a description like size, weight, name, and personality. Also, make sure you leave your phone number, but you don’t have to leave your home address, your phone number is more than enough. The reward is optional, you can include it if you have the budget.

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Should You Contact Anyone?

Yes, you can contact shelters, police, even radio stations, and newspapers. In this social platform era, it is advisable to post the “I lost my ferret” post on your own profile, in groups and ask your friends to share it. If you do that, then make sure to mention at least your street and city so people can know which part of the city the ferret got lost. Use the power of social media!


Ferrets can get lost, but they can also be found. The most important thing you can do is to stay calm so you can react properly. Panicking will only waste precious time you could spend looking for your fuzzy. So, in the first few hours focus on looking for him. Then, after those few hours, start contacting shelters, police, newspapers and start posting on social media so you can spread the word faster!

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