Grace and Fidelity — Turtles Kingston

Grace and Fidelity — Turtles Kingston

Grace has been monitored by the Turtle Guardians since early 2018 and she was last recorded in her home range in September of 2021. Her winter brumation site was an environmentally protected wetland, home to other species at risk, located on private property. In January of 2022, the wetland was filled in by the property owner and Grace went missing for over a year.

Tragically, in July of this year, a kayaker found Grace’s unmistakable remains in a watershed 15 kilometers from her home range. It was determined that someone had likely relocated Grace and she was unable to find another suitable winter brumation site. Caught out in winter, far from home, Grace perished. Grace survived 125 years of nature’s harshest conditions but in the end, all it took was one single human action to seal her fate.

Grace’s heartbreaking story should serve as a lesson that our actions can and do affect the wildlife around us and we should always consider the ripple affect of our choices. Grace’s story also highlights the need for stronger protections for turtles and their habitats.

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