Goodbye, HappyCavy Guinea Pig Webcams

Goodbye, HappyCavy Guinea Pig Webcams

Goodbye, HappyCavy Guinea Pig Webcams

The HappyCavy webcams go offline on April 8, 2024

Since 2009, the HappyCavy guinea pig webcams have given humans like you — our friends — an up-close and honest look into the lives of our guinea pig herd in Portland, Oregon USA. Sometimes sad but mostly happy (and occasionally bizarre), these moments span the lives of all 12 the guinea pigs that have called HappyCavy home over the past 15 years.

But, as with all good things, even guinea pig webcams must come to an end.

And so, the HappyCavy webcams will make their final broadcast on April 7, 2024. The HappyCavy Guinea Pig Treat Machine will go offline on this date.

Why are the guinea pig webcams going offline?

Early last year, Google announced it was ending support for the Dropcam webcams — the same webcams HappyCavy uses — in April 2024. This means our Dropcam webcams will go offline permanently in the next month.

Since they got the news, the HappyCavy humans searched high and low for alternatives to keep the live streams available. But there’s no option that offers everything we need.

The HappyCavy humans have had to make the hard decision to accept that times have changed, and so HappyCavy will also need to change, too.

American shorthair guinea pig with eyeglasses and a miniature laptop

The HappyCavy guinea pig blog isn’t going anywhere

What will happen to HappyCavy and the guinea pig blog?

Even though the webcams and treater are going offline, the blog will remain online as a living archive. And we’ll post updates from time to time on our blog. We won’t be as active as we were a few years ago, but that may change. As all things do. We may become more active, but the important thing to know is that the HappyCavy website and blog will remain online.

This means that you’ll still have access to the guinea pig food list and all the other popular guinea pig articles we’ve written, on topics like how to do weekly care checkups for your guinea pig and how to get help paying your guinea pig vet bills.

Three guinea pigs with red hearts in the background

We love you!

Thank you!

The decision to turn off the webcams and treater is a heartbreaking choice, especially because it feels that it’s one we’re being forced to make.

We’ll miss sharing our lives and our guinea pigs with you in real-time. And we genuinely cherish the memories we’ve made with you over the years – whether it’s been sharing with you the loss of a guinea pig or celebrating the joy and excitement of welcoming a new fuzzy friend to the herd.

So, thank you. Thank you for being our friend. And as much as we’ve shared our lives with you, thank you for sharing your lives and your cavies with us – in our blog comments, on our social networks and in the many online communities where we’ve crossed paths.

Please keep spoiling your guinea pigs with cuddle time, kisses and surprise scratches behind the ears.

Keep up that care schedule.

Keep supporting guinea pig rescues and “adopt, don’t shop.”

And keep your promise to raise happy and healthy cavies.

We love you.

Now, be a good human and clean your cavy’s ears.

Guinea pig with miniature camera around its neck

Baby Roo wants to hear how you’ve enjoyed the HappyCavy webcams

How have you enjoyed the HappyCavy? webcams

We’d love to hear your HappyCavy stories. Have you enjoyed watching the live webcams? Do you have a favorite HappyCavy guinea pig? (OMG, tell us who!) Where do you go to get your daily dose of guinea pig?

Tell. Us. Everything. In the comments section below. We want to hear from you!

Infographic: 15 years of HappyCavy by the numbers

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Infographic of 15 years worth of hay, pellets and care for guinea pigs

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