Colorado Rescue Asks for Help After 500 Guinea Pigs Saved From “Deplorable” Conditions

“Several guinea pigs who we felt were euthanasia cases on Sunday are showing signs of improvement,” said the rescue. Photo courtesy of Cavies and Canines Animal Rescue.

Volunteers with the Cavies and Canines Animal Rescue, a state-licensed animal rescue, mobilized on Friday, April 12, to rescue 500 guinea pigs from an Aurora, Colorado breeder who was unable to properly care for the guinea pigs.

The rescue group said the guinea pigs were in overcrowded conditions without adequate food, hay and water. Many had medical conditions such as ringworm and upper respiratory disease, and many others were pregnant.

“We are facing thousands upon thousands of dollars in vet bills already,” Cavies and Canines said on Monday on their rescue’s Facebook page.

The rescue is focusing on partnering with nearby animal shelters, such as Pipsqueakery in Indiana and Piggies Paradise in Iowa, to help with the care and shelter of the rescued cavies.

“We still need your help with donations,” says the rescue. Donations made directly to the rescue will help pay for the growing vet bills and costs to feed and house the hundreds of guinea pigs.

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