Celebrating HARRIETT’s 21st birthday!  – Project Chimps

Celebrating HARRIETT’s 21st birthday!  – Project Chimps

It’s another milestone birthday at Project Chimps! Today is Harriett’s 21st birthday and we’re so excited to celebrate! 

Harriett arrived at Project Chimps in 2018, making this her 6th birthday at the sanctuary. According to her caregivers, Harriett is a socially savvy mid-ranking female within her group who absolutely loves giving her human caregivers plenty of sass and attitude… but she has a sweet side too! 

Harriett can almost always be found with her “bestie” Betty, another sassy girl in the group. They love nesting and exploring the habitat together and are rarely far apart. If the other chimps get too riled up, she stands up for Betty and defends her. On rare occasions when they aren’t together, Harriett also enjoys hanging out with Binah, the current alpha of the group. 

Our hardworking caregivers like to nickname the chimps at the sanctuary and Harriett is no exception. She earned the nickname “Wiggles” for two reasons. Not only does Harriett love when others dance or wiggle, but she has the unusual ability to wiggle her ears! 

Check out this video to see Harriett wiggle her ears!

Harriett loves to explore the outdoors, meaning she loves habitat time! She’s often one of the last chimps to come in for dinner (with Betty right behind, of course). Harriett also enjoys positive reinforcement training and is always the first female to run over during behavioral sessions. Some of her favorite snacks are sunflower seeds and raisins.

Today, June 15th, we hope you’ll join us in wishing Harriett a happy 21st birthday! If you’d like to send her a birthday gift, she would love a new blanket for nesting! You can find blanket options on our Amazon Wishlist. Thank you so much for helping us support Harriett and her friends! 

Happy birthday, Harriett! We hope your day is filled with lots of wiggles! 

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