Can leopard geckos eat superworms?

Can leopard geckos eat superworms?

Yes, your fully-grown adult leopard gecko can eat superworms or kingworms (Zophobas morio) – whichever name you might use for them. Some geckos can be picky eaters once you make superworms a staple in their diet so we always recommend you start baby leopard geckos with varied diets high in nutritional value. Calcium powder or other calcium supplements are also to be offered often to combat metabolic bone disease.

How many superworms should I feed my leopard gecko?

The number of prey items your gecko can or should eat will vary depending on the insect size, time of year, and your gecko’s size and mood. There’s many variable here so it’s tough to say exactly how many one should eat. Keep track of your gecko’s diet and body weight with a small notebook so you can see his eating habits over time. Health problems can arise without warning and it’s very handy to have a detailed health log ready to go.

Can leopard geckos choke on superworms?

Yes your gecko can choke on superworms or kingworms. But they can also choke on dubia roaches or phoenix worms for that matter. Make sure your gecko is eating appropriately sized prey items. The insect should be able to fit between your gecko’s eyes in all dimensions. This will ensure that your gecko is not going to choke because of the size of the bug. Feeding too much food at once can also be a way to cause your gecko to choke. Give him time to consume a few bugs at a time, then add a few more. This is the best way for you to observe him closely.

Can I feed my gecko super worms?

Superworms, or morio worms, are a great addition to your gecko’s diet. If you are able to get in some gut loading time with the worms before feeding them to your gecko, even better! Wax worms are a good idea to introduce as part of a staple diet. They are easy to obtain, common in the pet trade, and not too expensive. A perfect staple insect from your local pet store.

Are superworms better than mealworms for leopard geckos?

Superworms are nutritionally the similar, with high fat content, to other mealworms. They are both great options for your leopard geckos. The smaller worms are more appropriate for your baby geckos and juvenile leopard geckos. Morio worms, or kingworms are best for adult leos as they are a larger size. Many pet reptiles enjoy kingworms as a food source. There are many different insects available but superworms are a great staple feeder.

Do superworm bites hurt?

No superworm bites do not hurt much. It’s more like a pinch from the not so strong mandibles of a grumpy bug. It isn’t pleasant but it also won’t leave you hurting – just annoyed and grossed out. Not many live insects bite so this is one thing to keep in mind as a bad thing for superworms. I like to use feeding tongs to avoid touching these nutritious feeders if at all possible.

Can leopard geckos eat superworms everyday?

Yes but as with all foods they are best when they are part of a balanced diet. A well-balanced diet for your beloved gecko is really the number one goal. As always, make sure you’re providing a small bowl with fresh water at all time.

There’s many options for feeding your adult leopard geckos. Superworms can be used as more than just the occasional treat. They are an affordable live food that is easy to find at your local pet shop. They can’t climb smooth surfaces so they cannot escape your gecko’s habitat. There are so many good things about superworms it’s hard to list them all.

Does your gecko like superworms? What about other worms? What would you say is your gecko’s favorite food? Leave a comment or question down below!

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