Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Pellets – Guinea Pigs Australia

Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Pellets – Guinea Pigs Australia


As our guinea pigs grow and move through different developmental stages, their nutritional requirements also grow and change with them. Bunny Nature has developed specially formulated pellets for every life stage, right through from babies all the way to our senior piggies, ensuring their nutritional needs are met at each stage throughout their lifetime. 

The Bunny Nature pellet range consists of the following:

Why we LOVE Bunny Nature Pellets:

   100% Plant Based with no nasties!

Bunny Nature pellets are 100% natural and plant based, containing over 42 different types of biodiverse plants, focusing on promoting natural forages and ingredients that guinea pigs would usually graze on in the wild. Each recipe also includes a number of plants that are known to grow in the pastures of South America – the home of guinea pigs, including quinoa, amaranth, chokeberries and maca.

Bunny Nature pellets are a completely balanced diet and full of goodness and high quality ingredients, with no added preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers, sugar, molasses or other nasties! 

Contains high levels of stabilised Vitamin C – Essential for Guinea Pig Health

 Guinea pigs are one of few species that are unable to metabolise their own vitamin C, and therefore solely rely on dietary intake to reach their daily requirements. A good quality pellet with high stabilised vitamin C content, along with plenty of fresh vegetables high in Vitamin C is the best way for guinea pigs to receive their intake.

Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen fibres, which is ultimately responsible for skin, tendons, bone, dentin and vascular health. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in fatty acid transport, bile acid formation and the synthesis of Vitamin D and other amino acids, so is exceptionally important for good piggy health. 

Bunny nature pellets contain over 600mg of stabilised Vitamin C, and are ranked among the highest quality pellets available in Australia. 

Trimello Shaped Pellet for optimal dental health and digestion

One of the most unique characteristics of Bunny Nature Pellets is their Trimello shape – designed specifically to optimise dental health and prevent future dental disease. The size and shape of each pellet has been designed with each specific species age, jaw anatomy and jaw motility in mind, for optimal tooth wear. 

Each pellet contains 3 different fibre lengths, which not only promotes extended chewing time and increased tooth abrasion, but also promotes fibre absorption throughout transit of the intestinal tract. 


What is Bunny Nature SHUTTLE?

Bunny Nature Shuttle is the perfect transition diet, and one of the only of it’s kind on the market! Changing diets can be stressful for guinea pigs, not only due to the sudden palatability change, but sudden change of fibre and nutrients being absorbed by the digestive tract. It is always recommended to transition any kind of diet gradually over time – but Bunny Nature Shuttle is specifically designed to make this step a breeze, as well as reducing the risk of digestive issues in your piggies throughout the transition period. Start by offering Bunny Nature shuttle to your guinea pigs, before moving over to the Guinea Pig Dream range. 

Benefits of Guinea Pig Dream SENIOR: 

As our piggies get older they not only have different nutritional needs but are also more prone to various different health conditions, so it is imperative to keep them in tip-top shape with a healthy diet. There are a variety of diets on the market that are formulated for young and adult guinea pigs, but there is limited options for our senior piggies – which is where Bunny Nature stands above the rest. 

The senior pellets not only contain all the beneficial qualities of the Basic Dream range, but contains additional ingredients to give our senior piggies over 5years old an additional boost!


  • Ginseng and Ginko – Boosts vitality, supports the immune system, and improves circulation and joint health. 
  • Additional Vitamin C 
  • Indian frankincense – Contributes to cognitive function in older pets. 

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