Best Toys To Keep Your Cat Happy And Engaged

Best Toys To Keep Your Cat Happy And Engaged

Ever seen your cat sit, meow and stare at you as if you’re the one who’s invented boredom? But then again, they’re not completely wrong. Our kitties originated in the wild and when we brought them to our homes as the most cherished family members, the responsibility of finding them different sources of fun came to us. 

Cats need more hours of stimulating playtime than you think. Their idea of fun is to run around, catwalk, think about their next prey and finally use their kitty claws and canine to do what they do best – hunt. Cat toys help tap into these natural instincts, keeping them happy, engaged and satisfied. 

Here are 7 cat toys (in no particular order) we consider as the best to keep your cat waaaay away from boredom:

1. HUFT Meowspin Interactive Toy For Cat With Sensor

eowspin Interactive Toy For Cat With Sensor

Playful paws aren’t satisfied with the normal. They need something more to keep their clever minds happy. HUFT Meowspin Interactive Cat toy is not your average plaything—it’s battery-operated and has a clever hidden sensor that gets it moving when your cat goes on the chase. Plus, it’s made of tough stuff, so it can handle those enthusiastic pounces. With two cute feathers to catch your kitty’s eye, it’ll bring out their inner hunter and keep them active and entertained.  

HUFT Tip: First, offer your cat a variety of toys so you can see which type he or she likes best. Toys that your cat can catch are prefer

2. HUFT Meowtron Play Ball – Interactive Toy For Cats

Oh, the bliss of chasing simple joys! The HUFT Meowtron Play Ball is as innovative and interactive as it gets. Designed for hours of active playtime, it’s battery-operated with an electronic motion sensor. The toy lights up every time your cat moves it around and promises to keep your kitty’s special attention. Just leave it on the floor and let their little paws push, roll and chase it around!

HUFT Tip: We recommend pet supervision when pets are playing with toys.

3. HUFT Meowspin Interactive Cat Toy – (With Catnip Inside) 

Fun doesn’t always have to be grand. It can come hidden in small moments or sometimes in the form of a small mouse! Designed to mimic a real mouse, HUFT Meowspin Interactive (With Catnip Inside) Cat Toy is made with plush fabric and has a motion-activated sound sensor. It also has catnip for those cats who love to relax and roll around in fun for a long time. So let your kitty jump and pounce on this prey toy to their heart’s content!

HUFT Tip: Rotate your cat’s toys once a week! This will increase their attention span and reduce the boredom of interacting with just one toy. Remember to let your cat play with catnip toys in moderation.

4. HUFT Squeaky Tennis Balls For Cats

Squeaky Tennis Balls For Cats

What’s commonly unknown is cats adore balls of different sizes, just like dogs. They might not fetch it for you, but they LOVE to chase after them. HUFT Squeaky Tennis Balls For Cats aren’t your ordinary tennis balls. This set of 4 bouncy cat balls comes with an in-built enticing squeaker that encourages active play, gets them to do some physical exercise and enhances your cat’s overall well-being.

HUFT Tip: It is not safe to play with damaged toys. Please take the toy away from your pet if you notice any wear or tear.

5. HUFT Meow Mix Play Pack Assorted Catnip Cat Toy – Pack of 10

Meow Mix Play Pack Assorted Catnip Cat Toy

Engaging, captivating and 10 times the fun! For cats who live for the joy of play, our HUFT Meow Mix Play Pack Assorted Catnip Cat Toy comes in an assortment of 10. It has everything your cat will purr for – catnip balls, cosy felt toys, soft spike balls, crinkle paper balls and more such sensory delights! Happiness does come in small packages, after all.

HUFT Tip: Some cats react to catnip while some cats don’t. Here’s a small experiment you can conduct at home. Before introducing a catnip toy to your cat, try feeding them a little bit of catnip (non-toxic shrub). Observe how they react to it. If they like it, only then invest in catnip toys. If you see your cat not showing any reaction to the catnip, chances are they do not have the genetic receptors to feel its effects.

6. HUFT Whirlwind Matatabi Interactive Cat Toy

Whirlwind Matatabi Interactive Cat Toy

Wait till your cat catches a whiff of this! Our HUFT Whirlwind Matatabi Interactive Cat Toy will get your kitty’s attention. Why? For it’s made of matatabi sticks that produce a scent so captivating and calming, cats can’t simply resist! The toy also has attractive feathers that remind cats of their natural hunting instincts. Mental stimulation, physical exercise and rolling around in fun. It ticks all the right boxes!

HUFT Tip: If your cat suddenly becomes a whirlwind of energy right before dinner, it’s a sign that playtime might be in order! A lively game is the perfect appetiser to build up their appetite and make mealtime even more enjoyable.

7. HUFT Tinkle Tail Matatabi Wand Cat Toy

How can we talk about cat toys and not mention the magic wand that makes your cat’s wishes come true with just a swish and a flick! HUFT Tinkle Tail Matatabi Wand Cat Toy brings out your pet’s most instinctive reactions as it mimics playing with a real bird. As you wave this magic wand over them, you’ll find their paws get active, eyes all excited and butts wiggling with anticipation as they finally pounce.

The wand features matatabi, which is sure to grab your little hunter’s attention and help reduce anxiety. The hanging part of the toy, often designed as a small animal, insect, or feather, serves as the “prey” that cats love to catch with their paws. The wooden part of these toys acts as a barrier, keeping the “prey” out of reach and your hands safe from your cat’s playful claws.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any toys that help with dental health while keeping cats entertained?

Yes! Did you know that matatabi sticks also help remove nasty tartar from a cat’s teeth? HUFT Whirlwind Matatabi Interactive Cat Toy and HUFT Tinkle Tail Matatabi Wand Cat Toy indirectly support dental health by encouraging active play. However, we also recommend getting plush toys (especially with catnip) as they’re great to nibble on and help remove plaque and tartar as well.

2. What are the top-rated toys for mentally stimulating indoor cats?

For mentally stimulating indoor cats, toys like the HUFT Tinkle Tail Matatabi Wand Cat Toy and HUFT Meowspin Interactive Cat Toy – (With Catnip Inside) are both excellent choices to choose from. These toys are battery operated, engage cats both mentally and physically and provide entertainment while stimulating their natural instincts – all at once!

3. What are the best interactive toys for cats to keep them engaged?

HUFT Meowspin Interactive Toy For Cat With Sensor and HUFT Meowtron Play Ball – Interactive Toy For Cats are fantastic interactive toys that keep cats engaged and entertained for hours. They incorporate motion sensors and lights to capture your cat’s attention and encourage active play.

4. What are the most durable toys for cats who are aggressive chewers?

If your cat likes to play aggressively, then we recommend catnip toys and cat scratchers! Why them and not the ones mentioned in the blog? Well, catnip toys in general help calm your kitten down and cat scratchers are more durable than regular toys. Scratching is also a typical instinctual behaviour for all cats. It enables them to mark their territory, express various emotions, and also serves as a form of self-grooming by removing dead nails, giving them a free self-manicure.

5. What are the safest toys for cats to play with unsupervised?

Toys made of durable, non-toxic materials like plush cat toys or HUFT Squeaky Tennis Balls For Cats, are generally safe. However, we do not recommend unsupervised play. It’s essential to monitor your cat’s playtime with any new toy to ensure their safety at all times. Plus, who likes to have fun alone? Play with your cat and take some time to deepen your bond!

6. Are plush cat toys only suitable for kittens? What should one look for in a plush cat toy?

No, plush cat toys are suitable for both cats and kittens alike. For kittens, a plush toy often becomes their cuddly companion, offering emotional support during sleep. Meanwhile, for adult cats, plush toys can represent “prey,” igniting their hunting instincts and providing entertainment through pouncing and playful battles. The act of chewing also helps them remove plaque and tartar from the teeth.

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