Become a Part of The Friendly Ferret Expert Team

Become a Part of The Friendly Ferret Expert Team

Do you talk about ferrets 24/7 and do you know what is best ways to keep a ferret happy and healthy?

Then a new Friendly Ferret project might be a great choice for you!

I am writing an educational book about ferrets for new and experienced owners and I need input from ferret owners all over the world! Due to the fact that there are different ways of thinking, treatments, training, etc, I want to gather practical experiences from different parts of the world! For that, I need help from you, a real ferret owner who has practical experience as much as theoretical knowledge.

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This book’s main goal is to educate new ferret owners and remind experienced ones of the things they forgot about. The reason why I decided to do that is simple: I want to spread good, correct, and true information about what it is like to own a ferret.

But, I need your help to achieve that.

If you are interested in becoming a Friendly Ferret expert, fill out the form you can find below.

Here you can read more information about the terms and offer for this project.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing ferret world!

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