Adopt Puggle Puppies – Buy/Sell Puppies Online In India

Adopt Puggle Puppies – Buy/Sell Puppies Online In India

Puggle puppies are available for sale in India. Find Puggle dogs for adoption at petsworld. Get details of Puggle dog breeders.
If you are looking for an affectionate, playful and intelligent pet, then the Puggle puppy is an excellent choice to be made by you. They are available in a great condition. They are considered to be your best friends that have its origin in the United States. They are loved to be kept at home because of its intense activeness and high energy level. The dogs of this breed are said to be your best time at your time of loneliness and enable you to get unforgettable memories for your future. This breed of dogs has huge smelling qualities, as compared to other breed of dogs. This is a cross breed made by pairing of the beagle and pug dog breeds that is why they are called as Puggle puppies. Although, the breed of the Puggle puppies is fun loving and playful by nature, but still it is not considered safe to keep children alone with them as they also love barking. The Puggle puppies are a reliable and true companion of yours.

The average price to be paid for buying a Puggle puppy is $600 to $2000. Adoption of a Puggle puppy for your house is recommended from a reliable and a trustworthy pet breeder. Before making a decision about taking a Puggle puppy in your home, you need to decide from where it should be bought. You need to make certain preparations in advance that basically include planning about its kennel in the home to make its stay convenient and comfortable along with the availability of a nearby, suitable veterinary doctor. An investigation about the certification and licensing of the dog breeders needs to be made. These dog breeders charge a reasonable amount for selling these Puggle puppies or any other pet on your request.

Puggle Puppy Information

History: The breed of the Puggle puppies is not a pure breed of dogs as it is made by pairing of a female beagle with a male pug. Thus, it is a cross breed of dogs and is much more powerful than a normal purebred dogs. With the pairing of both of them, they are named as “Puggle”. The scientists of the United States have started experimenting about this breed of dogs since late 1980’s and they became successful after 20 years. The breed of the Puggle puppies has originated in the United States in the year 2005. They became popular afterwards because of its attractive personality and the very sweet temperamental qualities.
This breed of dogs does not have any recognition or existence in the eyes of the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club. They only have recognition as a designer dog.
Appearance: A mature Puggle is approximately 15 to 20 pounds heavier, whereas it is about 8 to 15 inches at the shoulder. The dogs of this breed are available in a variety of colors that are based on the inbuilt characteristic features of the parent breed. Also, there is a variation in the bodily structure of the Puggle puppies. They have a long body with round and attractive eyes, like that of a beagle. They also have a muzzle that seems long and lean. Also, they have a curled tail turned around its back and have wrinkles on its face like that of the pugs. They are relatively smaller in size and because of it are considered as the lap dogs.
The Puggle puppies have drooping ears and the short legs. They have short hair on its body and have a smooth coating of fawn, tan and black color on its body. They have a long nose like a beagle that makes it go with an ease in breathing. They have a look comparable to small mastiffs. Sometimes they have a short nose like a pug. There may be variations in the shape, color and features of the beagle or the pugs that depend upon its inheritance.


 Temperament: The Puggle puppies are active, agile, intelligent, and stubborn. They have inbuilt qualities inherited from both the breeds and that makes it stubborn. So, it needs to be given with proper positive reinforcement, so as to respond immediately. These positive reinforcement techniques include playing, appraisal, short and sweet training sessions, as the dogs from this breed are not eager to get trained and learn. They do not work as guard dogs because of its characteristic qualities. Some of these dogs are considered as howlers, because of its qualities of the beagle. They love to bark, but still they are friendly and patient by nature, as they do not get aggressive with other breed of dogs. They are being loved by everyone because of their hung ears and wrinkles on the face that makes them cute and cuddly. To make them speedy and active, they are required to be taken outside for at least 30minutes every day. They are social dogs and are very affectionate and friendly with everyone. Whether, it is its owner or anyone from outside. Moreover, they are very loyal, cheerful, honest towards its owners and very playful with kids. They love to gain attention of all the individuals around it.
They are habitual of making friends and are family dogs. They expect to be loved and given proper care while it’s sleeping time. They also go through a problem of digging. When they suffer from anxiety, they bark and howl.

The Puggle Puppies Breed Dogs Major Characteristics:

The Puggle Puppies information
Other names Pugel, Pugle
Origin United States
Size Type Small dog breeds
Breed Group Toy dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 10 -15 years
Height Male: 10–15 inches Female: 10–15 inches
Weight Male: 15–30lbs Female: 15-30lbs
Colors Tan, Black, white, fawn, tricolor or combination of any two colors
Coat Double coated, Short, hard and thick
Litter Size 3-4 puppies
Health Concerns Progressive Retinal atrophy, Food allergy, environmental allergy, reverse sneezing, epilepsy

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