Acclimatising Shrimp

Acclimatising Shrimp

This article will give you a guide on how to acclimatise your new shrimp to your aquarium.

Acclimatising Shrimp

Acclimatising Shrimp

This is the method we personally use to acclimatise shrimp and although it can be seen as slightly over the top, it will promote a smooth less stressful transaction of your shrimp to their new aquarium. I recommend for all shrimp orders to be handled in this way to promote a happier and healthier shrimp while being introduced into your aquarium. Before I begin please note if you do not use this method please do not put the bag into the aquarium as we use Kordon Breather bags and this will cause the shrimp to suffocate.

This is what you will need:
Air line tubing
Flow regulator or rubber band
Large plastic container

Here are our step by step instructions to introducing your shrimp to their new aquarium:

  1. Carefully open the packaging and remove the Kordon Breather bag containing the shrimp

  2. Pour the contents of the bag including shrimp into your designated container

  3. Place one end of the air line tubing in the aquarium

  4. Fit the flow regulator on the opposing end of the tubing (if you do not have one of these wrap a rubber band around the end of the tubing to reduce water flow).

  5. Siphon the tubing so that water is freely flowing, tighten the flow regulator or rubber band so that it drips at roughly 3 drops per second.

  6. Drip the aquarium water from the tubing into the plastic container

  7. This process will need to be done over several hours until the aquarium water in the container is at a ratio of at least 3:1 to the bag water. (personally I acclimatise until the aquarium water significantly outweighs the old bag water at a ratio of around 10:1)

  8. If you have water test kits you can acclimatise until both parameters match

  9. The shrimp can now be netted out of the plastic container into their new aquarium, we advice you leave the aquarium lights off for at least two hours to reduce stress.

  10. If you wish to ad the water from the plastic container back into the tank we advise you do this by using the same drip method to avoid ph swings.

  11. The final step is…. Enjoying your new shrimp!

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