A Day in the Life of a Wedding Pup!

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Pup!

1:30pm: Pick Up

We start off the day by picking up your pup from your house, hotel, doggy daycare, or wherever they are! We make sure they get a potty break and are all good to go before heading over to the venue.

2:00pm: Arrive at Venue

The day begins with excitement in the air as your fur baby arrives at your wedding venue. Amid the bustling preparations and decorations, your pup is greeted by familiar faces and lots of attention. We let your pup sniff around and get used to their surroundings, and we are in direct contact with your planner and/or photographer to find out exactly where you are, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

2:30pm: Photos!

It’s time for your pup to steal the spotlight! Whether they join for the first look, the wedding party, the tailend of photos, or all of the above, we help with it all! We use treats, squeaker toys, or whatever gets your pup’s attention to get some really great photos. We also make sure the leash looks nice, and your pup isn’t jumping up on your dress and/or suit! Oftentimes, the pup has an accessory of their own – a bandana, a floral collar, or maybe a little tuxedo! It’s a great opportunity to capture the essence of the day and the joy your furry friend brings to you and your friends and family!

3:30pm: Mini Rehearsal

Just like the human participants, your fur baby should be familiar with their part in the wedding! If they are participating in the ceremony, we take a couple minutes before guests arrive to fit in a mini rehearsal with your pup and whoever is walking them down. We find this helps both the pup and the human become more comfortable – whether your pup is walking down, sitting beside their pawrents, or carrying a ring pillow, practice makes perfect!

4:00pm: Hide Out!

As the guests start to arrive, your fur baby typically retreats to a designated resting area – usually with the bride, groom, or wedding party. Weddings can be bustling and overwhelming for pets, so having a quiet space allows them to recharge and prepare for their grand appearance.

4:30pm: Ceremony

It’s showtime! Your fur baby makes their entrance, which is often the highlight of the ceremony. Whether they’re walking down the aisle with the ring bearer or simply sitting with the guests, your pup’s presence adds an extra layer of happiness to the ceremony!

5:00pm: Social Hour

Time to socialize! We can escort your pup around as the guest of honor, mingling with guests and receiving pets, belly rubs, and treats. Your guests love it, and your pup has the time of their life!

6:00pm: Head Out!

As the reception begins, your fur baby’s role typically winds down. Many fur babies head home or to a cozy place where they can relax and enjoy a well-deserved break. It’s a chance for them to unwind after an eventful day!

6:30pm: Arrive at Home

After getting back home, we get your fur baby’s nightly routine in! Dinner, potty time, a walk, snuggles, or anything else they may need. After your pup settles into their familiar surroundings, we send you a text update with a photo to ensure your peace of mind! Some lucky pups even get a nice bone or wedding-themed toy to enjoy at the end of the night.

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