A cat mom becomes a dog mom

A cat mom becomes a dog mom

In April of 2020, after years of being a cat mom, I became a dog mama for the first time. I blogged about my experience back then and how it transformed me in many ways. It has made me a better cat mom too.

Four years later, I am happy to report that my family has rescued another dog.

Here’s my story:

Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!I was not looking to adopt another dog. With two human kids, two cats, a dog, and a cat hotel, and a husband, I have my hands full. But then something unexpected happened. I did something I have successfully avoided doing up until April 15, 2024. I read a post on the NextDoor app that was entitled, “Heartbreaking” about a dog that had been at Corona City Animal Shelter (several cities away from where I live) since the previous August. This dog was the longest staying resident at the shelter. Passed over time and time again. A sweet German Shepherd mix, around 5-years old, they called RJ. What he wanted most? Not treats. Love.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this dog. But every time I thought about him, I felt that little devil on my shoulder saying, “What are you thinking? You’re WAY too busy with too many commitments as it is! And pets like everything these days are so expensive!”

On my other shoulder was God reminding me how each of our pets were adopted during pretty uncertain times. And every single time they were the biggest blessing to us as a family.

I decided to wait two days to see if anyone adopted him. After all, there were hundreds of comments, many of whom indicated they were very interested in adopting RJ.

I nervously called the shelter two days later to see if anyone had adopted him. Part of me wanted to learn he had been adopted. But if I’m honest, a bigger part of me hoped he hadn’t. Not a single person had even called to inquire. Heartbreaking indeed.

I left Club Cat on Wednesday, April 17 to see about a dog called RJ.

We met in the play yard where he ran about elated to not be cramped up in his kennel. He came up to me every so often to sniff me in his sweet, timid way. At one point he let me cuddle him. Oh boy. I was starting to fall in love with him.

Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!

Blue meets his new future brother, Asher

A few days later we did a meet and greet with our dog, Blue at the recommendation of the shelter director. Apparently, RJ had not gotten along with every dog. They’d rather not have us adopt him and then return him. That can be worse for shelter animals because future potential owners may deem the dog as a problem animal. Plus, they would rather the dogs meet on neutral ground anyway.

The moment Blue and RJ sniffed each other they began to play as if they’d known each other for years. Similarly sized, it was truly a beautiful sight.

After he was neutered a few days later, we took our new dog home. We renamed him Asher to go along with the new chapter in his life. It’s been a few weeks now and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best things we’ve done.

Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!

Maximus & Wilbur watching their new dog brother

There had been some concern that he would not be good with cats due to his breed being more predatorial in nature. Fortunately, we haven’t had an issue. The cats are definitely curious. Our 16-year old Maximus was not happy at first and meowed as if to protect his younger brother, Wilbur.

But being the ever so curious kitty, Wilbur has gone out of his way to spy on Asher. He even came out to “greet him” the other day.

We’re still early on in this journey. But Asher has integrated so well with our human and pet family. Heartwarming is the only way to describe this journey.


Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!

New brothers snoozing

Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!

Taking a rest from playing

Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!

Our handsome new boy

Club Cat | A cat mom becomes a dog mom - again!

Asher with his huge cone on after being altered

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