6 Chicken Breeds That Mix Well Into A Flock

6 Chicken Breeds That Mix Well Into A Flock

If you’re looking to form a flock with different breeds that works well together, we’re here to help! Some breeds get along well with each other but become aggressive when placed with another breed. This can be dangerous and lead to trouble if one of your breeds is more dominant than another. To stay on the safe side, it’s best to consider breeds that have similar personalities! Here are 5 chicken breeds that get along well with each other.

6 Chicken Breeds That Mix Well Into A Flock


This breed is known for their softness inside and out! They won’t cause any problems with other breeds, and they don’t typically end up at the top of the pecking order. They’ll avoid aggressive birds but it’s best to keep them in a flock that has like-minded breeds to avoid bullying.

Easter Egger

Not only is this breed great for giving you multi-colored eggs, their calm and friendly nature makes them great companions for other breeds. Though they’re not a recognized breed, they are usually a mix of Ameraucanas, Araucanas and Marans.


These birds can keep you entertained all day long! They often make great mixer chickens for their calm and gentle nature. This may be due to their weird tendencies making them seem a little troubled, either way, they’re easy for humans and other breeds to fall in love with!


Though they can be pretty loud at times, Wyandottes have an easy-going nature other breeds are sure to appreciate. They do have some broody tendencies but if you can get past that, they make great mothers and foster mothers. They’ll sit any other chickens’ eggs and can mingle with any other breed.


If you’re looking for a laid back bird who won’t cause any problems, cochins are your breed! They’ll back down in any tense situation, and they have a friendly nature. They’re large birds but don’t let that fool you, cochins are great mixer breeds!


Aside from their adorable looks, this breed is known to be among the friendliest! Don’t let their small size fool you, silkies can stand their ground in a mixed flock too. They’re fun and love to get to know other chickens in their flock, which makes them some of the best chickens to incorporate into a flock.

Though there are many breeds that get along well with others, these are just five of the most popular ones. Every chicken comes with its own personality, so there’s always a chance of running into confrontation when mixing breeds. Using your best judgement and paying attention to the current dynamic of your flock will help you tremendously!

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